Wednesday, July 30, 2008


today i hit 100 sales through my etsy shop!

it may not seem like a high number of sales for a shop that has been open for two years, however this is really exciting for me. quilts are one of those things, some people really enjoy them and some people don't really care. it can be hard to make them stand out in a crowd, make them truly desirable as an addition to someone's home or as a gift. i have had probably another 30-40 sales (comissioned or at shows, both quilts and bags and pillows) not done through etsy, but knowing that 100 things that i have made were sold online to (mostly) complete strangers is really fabulous. its so nice to know that the work i do is appreciated and sometimes even inspiring. i have lots of plans in the works and so many new things to design, i'm really looking forward to this fall and winter (summer is my least favorite time to sew ;))... thanks to everyone who has purchased from me, or encouraged me throughout the way, i genuinely appreciate it so much!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats dollface! xo Raea