Tuesday, September 30, 2008

bedroom pieces.

well, i've already posted about how i will be making us a brand new bed quilt this fall/winter. i'm excited for this project, because its spawned a few smaller side projects for the bedroom to go along with it. of course.

i have 2 24x24" canvas hanging pieces above the bed, which are currently covered in a very light neutral fabric (which goes with our mostly white/tan color scheme right now). i just purchased some of amy butler's august fields graceful vines fabric to cover them (click the photo to get an idea of how large the print really is):

its a little hard to tell the actual color of the fabric from the online photos, but luckily i've seen it in person...and its a beautiful deep dark chocolate brown with creamy white flowers. i chose something so dark, because we have offwhite walls, and our bedframe is a fairly dark brown wood. the fabric is a home dec weight, so it will cover the canvas really well. (and i will have a little bit left over to sneak into the quilt as well! ;)

incase you have not seen what fabrics will be included in the new quilt:

and this is the type of design i am hoping to use:

SOOOO. in our bedroom there is a small bureau that holds about 1/2 of my clothes ;) it is vintage, it used to be my aunt's as a child. it is sturdy as all heck, but the paint has worn and the color really isn't my favorite...

so, i am going to prime it, and am considering using a very rich but vibrant color for paint, something like "winter blackberry" (3rd down on the right):

i want something that will work well with our dark furniture, but also bring in a little color, but not fight with the quilt! i also don't want to be locked into purple, so i like that it is dark and not your average purple; and i like that it could possibly pass for a dark brown, but isn't dark brown!
the black and white print will stay as is, and i will probably end up covering the pillow that is in our chair (that chair used to be in our living room, and honestly we never sit in it now that its in the bedroom, but its nice for sorting laundry, and the kitties love to sleep in it. plus, i envision myself sitting in there to read at night before bed once it starts to snow!
the only other decision i may make, is new curtains. right now we have white sheers, and i think with all of the snow we will have this winter, white curtains will seem redundant ;) i'd honestly love some dark velvet curtains of some kind, or a mustard yellow velvet. oohh!
i just want to create a hip and funky and creative looking bedroom for us, and one that will be easy to move with us when we go. and will be easy to expand upon once we have a larger bedroom in about 8 months! ;)

i should be able to start cutting out the pieces for the quilt in a week or so, and i will probably receive the fabric for the wall hangings just before then. the bureau paint will probably have to wait a couple of weeks, but i'm not in a hurry.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

new fabric purchases.

for future projects,
from amy butler's 2nd line this year!

...and to add to the pile of fabric i'll be using in our bed quilt... from joel dewberry's home dec line:


G's baby quilt is all done, i got the whole thing top stitched this afternoon. she picked out a cool bird print for the backing (in keeping with the theme), which is slightly different in color than the front of the quilt, but makes it even more interesting. (plus, its by one of my favorite designers: joel dewberry.)


now, i admittedly don't watch a ton of tv. i'm mostly a CSI girl, though i do love the discovery channel and TLC. (and i'm into Fringe right now also.)

BUT! rania and i have gotten together to watch Prison Break for four seasons now, though season 1 was a crash course of pretty much every episode all at once just in time to catch up on season 2. its a guilty pleasure of mine. by far not the most well written show on television, but the eye candy keeps me coming back for more every single time.

SWOON. Wentworth Miller is love.
and with the lady doctor? YES PLEASE. season 1 was still my favorite, but this season (4) is coming in a close second so far. i just love the two of them together. i'm such a sucker for forbidden love, its ridiculous. ;)


i want this.
all of it.

recently, mostly in macro:

(all of these photos will look better if you click on them to make them larger!)

i went on a small shopping spree at Forever21 this morning. i wish i could have fit it all in one photo ;)

(i'm going to wear those earrings with the dress below..)

pat got a new shirt/tie to wear to the wedding next weekend, and i borrowed a dress (that matches!) from a co-worker. i also splurged on an overpriced/oversized gift bag to try to squeeze the quilt into. of course, i had to get the matching gift tag and ribbon as well.

i fell in love all over again with my oldest wristlet that came from old navy of all places.

i have been doing a lot of sewing, trying to finish up some projects.. and i've also been adding to my inspiration wall above my sewing machine.

i dug up some oldies but goodies to listen to today.

wookie found a new favorite toy: a crumpled up piece of paper. he kicked it all around the apartment for an hour. ...also, rockie has taken to stealing lollipops from the kitchen and hiding them around the apartment. she's so cute when she's not causing trouble, though.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

30 seconds to mars.

i still love this so much.

jared leto = SWOON.

more planning...

i am really considering using this sort of a pattern when i make the quilt for our bed... (click the photos to make them larger..)

the collection of fabrics i want to use are all very different in color and style, and i think i have enough of the focal print (the white background with the birds etc.)to do the large strips that go vertically. i'll have to do some measuring...

my hair is often in my eyes.

i love him.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

inspiration post!!

i have never been a huge fan of blue in my home decor, but for some reason this blue wall really stuck out to me and i went, "omg. i want that." and that houndstooth throw? GENIUS.

plus you know i love that shade of green. everywhere. and ikea lamps. oh yessss.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

two new sneak peeks!

both will be 30x30" when finished.
i hope to have them up in the shop in the next couple of weeks..
alongside a couple others!
(click to see larger photos..)

"retro abc's & apples"

and "lost in translation"

wedding quilt update.

it has two borders now!
all thats left: batting,backing.
the backing is a light aqua color, similar to what is in the quilt.
that will get done this week sometime (crosses fingers!)...

[click photos to make them larger.]

the quilt is about 4'x5'.
i really hope they like it!
(it was a pretty big project, but i think it came out well...)


last night i diligently worked on G's custom baby quilt!
[click photos to make them bigger..]

she just has to choose a backing fabric, and it will be done asap! :)