Saturday, February 28, 2009



just put up in the shop today, the 'round and round' quilt.. partially hand sewn, partially sewn by machine. this is a very modern, special and unique little quilt, and i lovelovelove it! :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

spring, amy butler style.

over at decor8, she posted a whole bunch of amazing spring-time amy butler photos, which i had to re-post and share with you! especially considering we're supposed to get more snow this weekend... SIGH.
[click to see each larger..]

Monday, February 23, 2009


i am longing for spring so much, with all of this newly fallen snow on the ground.. but i have some new decor magazines, a couple of new books, an amazing boyfriend whom i love very very much... and spring will come soon enough. and with it, new colors.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

new in the shop!

new this weekend, the spring wishes quilt! it has a supersoft(!!!) minky backing fabric!

i knew i had to get working on something blue/green this weekend, since i have four pink quilts listed right now! ;)

Saturday, February 21, 2009


our cat, wookiee, has taken to a very bad habit lately:

our other cat, rockie, is lounging somewhere in the bedroom right now.. last night we found her snuggled underneath all of the blankets on the bed. too cute.

& my parents' doggie is too cute, too:

dining room inspiration.

right now our apartment doesn't have a formal dining room. our kitchen is very outdated, with old wooden cabinets and a gross linoleum flooring that we try to cover up with area rugs. we have a small table and two chairs that serves as our dining room, but we very rarely eat there. we are guilty of eating on the sofa infront of the tv. :/ while looking for a new apartment this summer, i really want to find one with a dining room. i'm so in love with very modern and clean and simple dining rooms, lots of white (i'd like to incorporate some wooden accents, maybe some clear lucite!, and definitely kelly green for chair cushions, napkins, and vases! (eee!!) i realize white isn't the easiest to keep clean, which is why i would want to keep it to solely the dining room, and not the kitchen or the bedroom, or any room that would get A LOT of use ;)

anyway, here's an assortment of my favorite modern dining room inspiration photos.

bedroom inspiration.

earlier today, i posted about this fabric that i have for making us pillow cases, a bed quilt, pillow shams, and throw pillows.

i'm going to start working on those projects tomorrow.. i'm not sure where i'll start, but i've got to start somewhere!!

i'm going for sort of a bohemian chic style in our bedroom (i've also heard it called "urban hippie"), which right now is pretty mish-mashed. so far i have managed to get turquoise velvet drapes (thankyou, ikea!), a lamp with a mustard/gold velvet lampshade (ikea, again), a velvet wine/magenta throw blanket, and i repainted my bureau an awesome magenta color. i've collected some various artwork pieces from etsy but am waiting on getting frames for them; right now they are mostly strung up with mini clothespins. i know that once i get our pillows and quilt done, the room will feel more pulled together.

i've been collecting a bunch of inspiration photos to remind me of what colors and textures and feelings i'm going for.... a lot of the decor photos i found seemed to incorporate a Moroccan feel, but i don't think we'll be going in that direction exactly. definitely similar but with a more modern approach.

we can't paint our bedroom where we are renting now, and will probably be moving again this summer anyway-- so my goal is to work on the sewing projects, and after we move really work on getting the room pulled together with more lamps and frames for the art, and if the room is big enough i'd love a reading chair.. and rugs. mmm..rugs.... i'll be sure to post pictures of the sewing projects as i go along!


new in the shop!

dandelion afternoon quilt..

pretty in pink quilt..

& some awesome new sunny-er photos of the echino pillow..

*see! i told you the new doormat would show up in some etsy pics ;)

around the room(s).

i have a couple of projects brewing for this weekend... but before i get started, i wanted to share a few more photos from around my sewing room.

i got some amazing new art from a fabulous etsy shop. eventually i want to get frames for them, but for now they're just hanging off of my shelf, alongside some of my valentines day flowers which are getting dried out (on purpose).

on the sewing table, you'll find my stack of fabrics for my bedroom projects. on the left side, big squares for our bedquilt (fabrics from echino, anna maria horner, joel dewberry, amy butler, and more). in the middle, four new anna maria horner fabrics to be made into a set of pillowcases. above that and to the right, scraps and more fabrics (from echino, anna maria horner, joel dewberry, amy butler, and more) to be made into a set of quilted pillow shams and two or three throw pillows. i have a lot of work ahead of me! but i'm excited to finally get started, considering i collected some of this fabric for this occassion back last summer. whoops ;)

this isn't in the sewing room, but i have to share anyway! also, from etsy, i purchased some little perfume oils, and i've been having a hard time choosing just one to wear each day! they all smell awesome.... i wanted to keep them all laid out pretty, but with the cats thats probably not going to last long; so now they're in a cute little bowl in the bathroom.

and last but not least, my new door mat <3 you'll probably notice it in some of the new photos in my etsy listings! ;)

happy weekend everyone!! xo

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


new in the my shop... a funky and glam pillow made from japanese imported Echino fabrics!

it was really fun to make, with the flappy border and swirly stitching!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


after having seen my feature on jenn's blog a couple of weeks ago, another customer contacted me this week about making her a set of pillows also. she loved the pink/green combo, so i dug out as many pink/green scraps as i could find. i think they came out really adorable!! and i even remembered to sew in my labels, which i shamefully forget to do most of the time. whoops.

i had promised her they would be done by midweek, so i am happy to have gotten them finished tonight! that means they can head out in the mail first thing tuesday morning! (why is it that i always have so much to mail on the days that the post office is closed?! ;))

and this is what i have on my plate for tonight!

around the sewing room...

i tried to get a little time in, in the sewing room, tonight. i managed to catch a few snapshots of some of my surrounding goodies...

tiny piles of future projects.

backing fabrics & finished projects.

tiny artwork.

vintage quilt top that i have yet to back/topstitch.
(eventually i want to finish it for the living room...)