Saturday, February 21, 2009

around the room(s).

i have a couple of projects brewing for this weekend... but before i get started, i wanted to share a few more photos from around my sewing room.

i got some amazing new art from a fabulous etsy shop. eventually i want to get frames for them, but for now they're just hanging off of my shelf, alongside some of my valentines day flowers which are getting dried out (on purpose).

on the sewing table, you'll find my stack of fabrics for my bedroom projects. on the left side, big squares for our bedquilt (fabrics from echino, anna maria horner, joel dewberry, amy butler, and more). in the middle, four new anna maria horner fabrics to be made into a set of pillowcases. above that and to the right, scraps and more fabrics (from echino, anna maria horner, joel dewberry, amy butler, and more) to be made into a set of quilted pillow shams and two or three throw pillows. i have a lot of work ahead of me! but i'm excited to finally get started, considering i collected some of this fabric for this occassion back last summer. whoops ;)

this isn't in the sewing room, but i have to share anyway! also, from etsy, i purchased some little perfume oils, and i've been having a hard time choosing just one to wear each day! they all smell awesome.... i wanted to keep them all laid out pretty, but with the cats thats probably not going to last long; so now they're in a cute little bowl in the bathroom.

and last but not least, my new door mat <3 you'll probably notice it in some of the new photos in my etsy listings! ;)

happy weekend everyone!! xo

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