Wednesday, April 29, 2009

new apartment update!

well, we found an apartment and are going on sunday to check it out one last time, sign the lease, and pay our security deposit and pet deposit and 1/2 month's rent (we can start moving may 15th)!! the place is first and second floor (!!!!!), and although its not a giant apartment, its going to be quirky and great -- downstairs: sun room, living room/dining room/kitchen all open together, good sized bathroom. upstairs: two bedrooms and a great hallway for artwork <3 [the sunroom is going to be great, we're thinking it will probably house pat's electric drumkit and our office, and possibly our gigantic ikea bookcase...]

the best thing is that i will get my own sewing room (instead of using half of our living room..haha!). i get the smaller of the two bedrooms (which the previous tenants used as a nursery)... i'm going to try to make the room as girly as possible, while still keeping it modern and funky. here are a few inspiration photos for color and design:

my hope is that we'll be able to fit a futon in the room, so we can have guests.. but i'm not sure how much room will be left when i get all of my stuff in there ;)

here's some other great dec inspiration pics, for fun...

Sunday, April 26, 2009


i had a three day weekend this week (second in a row! i lucked out!), but you'd never know it with how busy i've been. went and looked at 3 apartments yesterday and today, two were most likely a no, and one was a maybe. i liked the one, but P is not sold on it. we'll just have to see what this week brings on craigslist as far as apartments go. we're putting in our 30day notice this week! ahh! then the hunt will really be on!

i did manage to get some sewing done, though.. finished up my Neptune pinwheel quilt, and it is in the shop...

also did the unimaginable! i started work on our bed quilt!! ahh! no photos as of yet, but i hope to work on it a bit this week after work or next weekend. once i've made a bit more progress i will get some photos. its going to be so funky and bright and i love it!!

P is sick this evening with a migraine, holed up in our dark bedroom with the fan on him... its been in the 70s+ all weekend! having the windows open has definitely been nice and we did get outside for a tiny bit.. hate that he has to be all tucked in bed for the rest of the night, though. boo to that. not sure what the rest of my night has in store for me, but i know it will be something quiet. which is okay.

oh! i almost forgot. i spent most of the nights this weekend watching HGTV or CSI Miami marathons.. and needless to stay i was dreaming about florida apartments ;) haha.. but seriously -- how great are these??!?! LOVE the multi lampshades!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

decor inspiration...

as always, i'm collecting inspiration for our new apartment (that has yet to be chosen)... can't believe we only have about 4 1/2 weeks until we move! ack!! we've looked at one place so far (which we liked, but may be a tiny bit expensive for the amount of space), with one or two more on tap for this weekend. the onslaught should come after people give their notices on may 1st *much like ourselves!* can't wait! i've been budgeting and marking so many things on etsy as favorites (fabric, art, etc) -- and we will have a trip to ikea in our future for furniture (read: sofas!) once we get settled in. but for now, collecting collecting collecting. ideas ideas ideas.

work in progress...

still working on my Neptune pinwheel quilt. click the photo to see it larger! just waiting on my border fabrics to get here! i had lots of triangles leftover, so i will be working on the next one (see previous post for details) ASAP! :)

Monday, April 20, 2009


working on my first pinwheel quilt today.. with Tula Pink's Neptune line.. should be a fun project! any leftover blocks will be going into my next project, which will be a flying geese quilt.
(click to see larger photo...)

new in the shop!

blossoming spring trees quilt!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

i'm back!

well, my long weekend trip to boston was wonderful. didn't get a whole lot of sleep, but who needs sleep in beantown?! it was so great see rae-rae and have some much needed girly time.. we mostly did shopping all weekend, even though we didn't have tons of spending $$. we did go to ikea, as well as urban outfitters, and a big fancy mall that had a sephora, anthropologie, etc etc. i made it home with a few trinkets, and enjoyed the train rides to and from. definitely would do it all again, any time! ;) here are a few snapshots from the road, and some of my finds.

the two kitties missed me a lot while i was gone, and i got lots of snuggles my first night back.. also, as you can see, rockie helped me put our new ikea duvet on our bed.. the throw pillow i made my first night back, from a tea towel purchased at anthropologie; it is stuffed with a down feather pillow form that i made out of an old bed pillow that had long since lost its shape (have you ever cut open a down pillow to cut it in half? oyyyyyy! hahah. what a treat!)... the greek pasteries didn't make it all the way home, i ate most of them on the train on my way back!
i also have a bunch of photos i took at ikea, of the things we want to buy for our new apartment! t-minus 6 weeks and counting until we can move. i'll try to get the ikea pics up soon!


Monday, April 6, 2009