Wednesday, April 22, 2009

decor inspiration...

as always, i'm collecting inspiration for our new apartment (that has yet to be chosen)... can't believe we only have about 4 1/2 weeks until we move! ack!! we've looked at one place so far (which we liked, but may be a tiny bit expensive for the amount of space), with one or two more on tap for this weekend. the onslaught should come after people give their notices on may 1st *much like ourselves!* can't wait! i've been budgeting and marking so many things on etsy as favorites (fabric, art, etc) -- and we will have a trip to ikea in our future for furniture (read: sofas!) once we get settled in. but for now, collecting collecting collecting. ideas ideas ideas.

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HeddyShea said...

I love that branch hanger bar... I have branches all over my house- such a great way to decorate with nature!