Sunday, April 26, 2009


i had a three day weekend this week (second in a row! i lucked out!), but you'd never know it with how busy i've been. went and looked at 3 apartments yesterday and today, two were most likely a no, and one was a maybe. i liked the one, but P is not sold on it. we'll just have to see what this week brings on craigslist as far as apartments go. we're putting in our 30day notice this week! ahh! then the hunt will really be on!

i did manage to get some sewing done, though.. finished up my Neptune pinwheel quilt, and it is in the shop...

also did the unimaginable! i started work on our bed quilt!! ahh! no photos as of yet, but i hope to work on it a bit this week after work or next weekend. once i've made a bit more progress i will get some photos. its going to be so funky and bright and i love it!!

P is sick this evening with a migraine, holed up in our dark bedroom with the fan on him... its been in the 70s+ all weekend! having the windows open has definitely been nice and we did get outside for a tiny bit.. hate that he has to be all tucked in bed for the rest of the night, though. boo to that. not sure what the rest of my night has in store for me, but i know it will be something quiet. which is okay.

oh! i almost forgot. i spent most of the nights this weekend watching HGTV or CSI Miami marathons.. and needless to stay i was dreaming about florida apartments ;) haha.. but seriously -- how great are these??!?! LOVE the multi lampshades!

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danielle said...

that neptune range is gorgeous, and the quilt shows it off perfectly!

love your workd