Wednesday, May 27, 2009

more of the apt....

most of the artwork you see around the apartment was purchased on etsy! we still have some things to get (dining area bistro table, and about six rugs ;)), but we're getting settled nicely.

living room...

we'll be going to ikea this weekend to get one of these!!! to put the tv on in the living room, and i can' wait!!!

art in the bathroom:

music room/office...(also known as the "man cave")


finally got into the sewing studio to get some decorating done (so hopefully now i'll be more motivated to work! ;))! i love the space so much -- but i am already re-thinking the pink lamp and mirror (both items from my childhood that i recently spraypainted pink), i am thinking repainting them a more simple white. we'll see.. i'll be heading to Ikea this weekend to get a chair and side table (and lamp) to add to the corner underneath the pink mirror!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

we're all moved in!

we're all moved in, and its starting to look a bit like home... we're making a trip to Ikea next weekend, so i will wait to post pics of most of the rooms until we've gotten the rest of our furniture and rugs etc...

but the sewing room is coming along. i spent a lot of time this weekend making curtains for all over the apartment. i'm still looking for some shelving, and i haven't hung any artwork yet.. but i thought i'd share some "before"s, in the meantime :)

as you can see, i'm at least set up in there enough to get some work done. not that i have a lot of time for work related sewing, when i have so much fun stuff to do around here!!

here are a few sneek peeks of some other rooms we're working on...
the music room/office/homework room:

entryway/sunroom/kitty room/library:



coming soon: living room & kitchen & dining space!