Thursday, July 31, 2008

ikea dining room wishlist!


we currently have this lamp, which we love!

and i'd love to make curtains out of this:

...but until we get enough money for a trip down to ikea, as well as the things we need, for now our dining room/kitchen will have to stay as is!

although, i secretly (or not so much) wish we could have a dining room/kitchen painted and looking like this:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


today i hit 100 sales through my etsy shop!

it may not seem like a high number of sales for a shop that has been open for two years, however this is really exciting for me. quilts are one of those things, some people really enjoy them and some people don't really care. it can be hard to make them stand out in a crowd, make them truly desirable as an addition to someone's home or as a gift. i have had probably another 30-40 sales (comissioned or at shows, both quilts and bags and pillows) not done through etsy, but knowing that 100 things that i have made were sold online to (mostly) complete strangers is really fabulous. its so nice to know that the work i do is appreciated and sometimes even inspiring. i have lots of plans in the works and so many new things to design, i'm really looking forward to this fall and winter (summer is my least favorite time to sew ;))... thanks to everyone who has purchased from me, or encouraged me throughout the way, i genuinely appreciate it so much!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

martha stewart living.

these pillows were featured in martha stewart living this month, and i love the idea!

Lay a 20-inch square cloth napkin face down, positioning it to resemble a diamond. Center a 12- or 14-inch square pillow form on napkin. Fold in 2 side points of napkin to middle, then fold up bottom point. Hand-stitch through all 3 pieces of fabric along upside-down V, about 2 inches down on each side. Stitch a button to bottom flap near point. Fold down top flap; sew a loop of cord to underside of fabric as a button holder, ensuring it fits snugly around button when closed.

wouldn't it be nice?

oh my gosh. if only!

Monday, July 28, 2008

welcome to the old apartment...

i miss my old sewing space in my old apartment. there isn't enough room to be all spread out like that in here.. (someday when we have our bigger apartment i will be able to take up all the space in the world...;))


30 seconds to mars.

beautiful and sad.

home dec inspiration!!!

(this looks exactly like the Ikea table we're eventually going to get to replace our current dining room table....)

Fort Williams, ME

pat and i went to fort williams a couple of weeks ago... it was an awesome day out, perfect for being by the water!

new on etsy...

this was originally a custom piece, however the customer found out last minute that she was having a boy and not a girl!! so, now its up for sale in the shop :)

Melissa's piicnic blanket.


fabrics for a custom crib quilt i'll be starting soon...



we get clean and smart at the same time..


dining room.

our little dining area is simple, but i'd love to get something to go on the wall by our table. i'm just afraid it will make the area too cluttered....



anyone who knows me knows my love of Ikea.
we got our expedit shelf last time we went, along with our coffee table. our living room would be lost without the storage space since its a small room and we have a lot of stuff ;)


frecent project.

so, for the past couple of weeks i've been working on sanding, priming, painting and putting new knobs on our tv cabinet. right now the tv is ontop of it without any drawers or doors, but hey at least i finished the painting part! it was an older piece of furniture that i got back when i was still in highschool over ten years ago, it came from a neighbors' yardsale so who knows how long they had it.... its a great piece, just needed a little updating.

here's what it looked like last week (and it looks the same now, the tv is just ontop of it and its in its rightful home by the window..)

here's a peek at what it looked like before..

once i get the drawers and doors painted i can put on the new white & silver knobs that we got, and all will be well. i'll make sure to get a final product picture once i'm done!


pat's cat. i love him.





i'm in the process of making our bedroom better. we've been here since the first week of june, and here it is almost the first week of august. i have already gone through two sets of curtains, purchased a new 24x36" print that i have to get framed for the wall above the bureau, we've changed duvet covers twice now... and i'm in the planning stages of making a new bed quilt for us (more on that later). i haven't been able to get it right, yet. but we're on our way there....



so, i finally got the right fabric for a quilt for our bed. i've been really into decorating with white in there lately, but i realize its hard to keep clean. plus, pat thinks its "boring". so. .....




i'm excited to get started! i very rarely make anything for myself.. but i have a custom crib quilt i have to start/finish before i can get to work on this project. i'm going to do very large patchwork squares to keep it simple, show off the prints, and keep in mind that the brids in the circles are about 6-8" by themselves!


to those of you who are new to reading my blogs, let me just let you in on a little something that is not so secret in my life: i love CSI. i have watched it for nine years religiously, the original only. sometimes i catch Miami or NY, but Las Vegas will always be my baby. awww...
last season we said goodbye to my favorite character, Sara. this season we will be saying goodbye to two characters, one of whom is my other favorite:

my love for Grissom and Sara is something i've always been open about ;) its just how it is. i was sad to see her go, but i will be even more sad to see him go because it will most likely result in me no longer watching. i hate to admit it, but after nine years i'm stuck in my ways, and without Grissom there is no CSI for me.
you should, however, expect random CSI posts between now and then. and don't be surprised if i ramble on and on or post youtube videos now and then. it will happen. oh yes.!

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