Thursday, October 30, 2008

quick update!

i had my fall leaves quilt featured on the front page of etsy today! it got my shop an extra 50+ new friends (who marked my shop as a favorite), and that quilt in particular got bookmarked by about 30+ people and was viewed over 400 times! amazing.

i sold 3 quilts out of the shop in the past 2 days, so i've been trying to keep up on the orders and make sure they don't get mixed up ;) i'll be heading to the post office in the morning before work.

i spent over three hours tonight cutting out fabric for 3 new quilts that i will work on this weekend. i have another four lined up ready to cut after that! i have a little more work ahead of me, and then i will be able to take a small breather during the holidays.

hopefully this weekend i can make a better post, with new items and some home dec inspiration, and maybe some pictures from around the apt!


Sunday, October 26, 2008


two more.

two more quilts up in the etsy shop, that couldn't be any more different from each other ;) the brighter of the two is made from heather bailey's 'garden pop' collection, while the aqua one is made from amy butler's 'midwest modern' and 'daisy chain' collections.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

this and that quilt.

brand new, and up in the shop!
(i love the tiny kawaii prints!)

Friday, October 24, 2008


i've finished three of the sets i've been working on, and am putting them up in the etsy shop ASAP. i love them, and i hope you do too!! (a few more items are coming in the very near future, as well!)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


i spent some time last night reorganizing our Expedit shelf (from Ikea).. i don't know what we would do without this shelf in here, honestly. i LOVE it.

(that black and white baby picture is my grandfather!)

welcome to the old apartment.

i found this photo recently, of my old apartment. the living room was so awkwardly shaped with the big beautiful mantle (that i secretly really hated) smack dab in the middle, stealing any chance of actually having wall space (the rest of the room was covered in huge glorious windows that made me long for solid walls). looking at it now, its hard to believe i ever disliked that room, even though i moved the furniture around at least once every two weeks. it was a great big room, with lots of space, and was about twice the size of the living room we have now.

too bad we couldn't stay.

i can only hope that when summer rolls around and our lease is up, that we can find an apartment somewhere in between my old one and this one. i know that old apartment was probably the best place i'll ever rent-- but lets face it: an apartment where i can't live with pat isn't a home. i remind myself of that every time i start to trash on this one. but the ikea 2009 catalog is glaring at me from the coffee table, dying to be earmarked and sharpie-circled; just waiting for june.

pat says i won't be happy with anything we end up with. but i know my only demands will be hardwood floors (no more of this carpet crap), decent sized windows, bath tub, and an extra room (either bedroom or office). and then me and ikea '09 are gonna party like its 1999.

in the works...

this weekend i hope to lock myself away in my sewing area, and get some things finished. i'm queen of starting project after project, and then having about six things to finish all at once. oyy!
here are some tidbits of a couple of things i'm working on... [click to see the photos larger.]

this quilt (made from tula pink's "full moon forest" collection -- do you see the hidden bunnies and fishes?!) is part of a set with a matching pillow:

this one (made entirely from heather bailey's "garden pop" collection) will be backed with a bright yellow snuggly flannel <3


the men of the house;

Saturday, October 18, 2008

holiday sets.

i am in the process of making a few sets (small quilt with matching pillow) to sell n my shop for the holidays only. so far i've been able to work on two, and i have probably another one or two in the works! here's a peek...


i posted two new quilts in my shop today!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008


OMG, i can't stop reading this book.
i didn't think i would like it as much as i do.
...and i will probably end up seeing the movie when it comes out.
OH! and i LOOOOVE the song paramore does for the soundtrack. <3

i ordered new business cards today, and i'm excited.
they are so cute and simple and colorful.
much more stylish than my old ones, which i've run out of.

i should have been sewing tonight, but i'm so lazy.
i've spent most of the night online..
perusing movie trailers...
searching for a new shop banner...
its so easy to get sucked in, and away from my work!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

sleepy weekend.

raea came up from MA this weekend, and we did a lot of shopping around and reading magazines, and watching CSI clips on youtube. yawn... it was a fun time, and now i am so lazy. i have a lot to get done today if i can muster up the motivation ;) back to work tomorrow! the weekends just never seem long enough....

work space.

my work space is exploding with projects, and i'm reminded every minute of my need for a larger space. but, i have to admit, i'm ready for winter and its snowstorms and to be cramped in this tiny apartment with fabric. <---i shouldn't say that, since we've been having a bit of an indian summer this week, and all of the fall leaves are so gorgeous. i'll be regretting my snowy wish once i have to start walking to the hospital every morning in a foot of snow ;)

projects in the making!

this is the time of year where i start to panic about items in time for the holidays! but, i think i have a good grasp on what i can accomplish in the next month and a half or so....
here's a sneak peek of a couple of things i'm working on:

i'm also ready to start working on our bed quilt!

i finished covering our wall canvases for above our bed this afternoon. the color is such a deep rich chocolate brown that it was hard to get an accurate photo!

AND, i got paint to paint my tiny vintage bureau, an awesome purpley-wine color. again, hard to get an accurate color of the photo, but i will get better pictures once its all painted!

weekend reading material.


the bathroom is by far the easiest room in our apartment to redecorate. with a quick trip to Target and $35 later, voila!

its more fun than our blah white/brown theme we had before, and it will be fun to get new towels for christmas (hopefully!)...
i'd also like to order one of these prints to hang in there, if i can get myself to replace my anatomical bones/skeleton poster:

Monday, October 6, 2008

note to self.

so, if i ever get my own space/room for sewing (and can move out of this tiny apartment and get my sewing stuff out of the living room ;)) i totally want to splurge for this work desk from Ikea.

but i also really like this one.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

more sneek peeks!

here are a few sneek peek photos of things to come for the etsy shop!!!
(click to see bigger!)

"ocean dreams" quilt, 30x30":

"fall leaves" quilt,
completed size unknown ;)
(it still needs a border!):

"moda nest colorblock" quilt & pillow set,
completed size unknown,
it also needs a border :):