Thursday, October 30, 2008

quick update!

i had my fall leaves quilt featured on the front page of etsy today! it got my shop an extra 50+ new friends (who marked my shop as a favorite), and that quilt in particular got bookmarked by about 30+ people and was viewed over 400 times! amazing.

i sold 3 quilts out of the shop in the past 2 days, so i've been trying to keep up on the orders and make sure they don't get mixed up ;) i'll be heading to the post office in the morning before work.

i spent over three hours tonight cutting out fabric for 3 new quilts that i will work on this weekend. i have another four lined up ready to cut after that! i have a little more work ahead of me, and then i will be able to take a small breather during the holidays.

hopefully this weekend i can make a better post, with new items and some home dec inspiration, and maybe some pictures from around the apt!


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