Wednesday, October 22, 2008

welcome to the old apartment.

i found this photo recently, of my old apartment. the living room was so awkwardly shaped with the big beautiful mantle (that i secretly really hated) smack dab in the middle, stealing any chance of actually having wall space (the rest of the room was covered in huge glorious windows that made me long for solid walls). looking at it now, its hard to believe i ever disliked that room, even though i moved the furniture around at least once every two weeks. it was a great big room, with lots of space, and was about twice the size of the living room we have now.

too bad we couldn't stay.

i can only hope that when summer rolls around and our lease is up, that we can find an apartment somewhere in between my old one and this one. i know that old apartment was probably the best place i'll ever rent-- but lets face it: an apartment where i can't live with pat isn't a home. i remind myself of that every time i start to trash on this one. but the ikea 2009 catalog is glaring at me from the coffee table, dying to be earmarked and sharpie-circled; just waiting for june.

pat says i won't be happy with anything we end up with. but i know my only demands will be hardwood floors (no more of this carpet crap), decent sized windows, bath tub, and an extra room (either bedroom or office). and then me and ikea '09 are gonna party like its 1999.

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Raea said...

You did a great job with the old apt. I will always think of it fondly. :)

It's tough to start off together, and a cheaper apt usually=SMALL. Pretty standard for every couples first place. It's character building though. It's makes you deal, as a couple, with boundaries and lack of space. You guys will get something bigger (just as Brett and I will someday). The most important thing is that you're together. I wouldn't trade Brett for the largest, sunniest apt in all of California. (Now that's love).