Monday, July 28, 2008


to those of you who are new to reading my blogs, let me just let you in on a little something that is not so secret in my life: i love CSI. i have watched it for nine years religiously, the original only. sometimes i catch Miami or NY, but Las Vegas will always be my baby. awww...
last season we said goodbye to my favorite character, Sara. this season we will be saying goodbye to two characters, one of whom is my other favorite:

my love for Grissom and Sara is something i've always been open about ;) its just how it is. i was sad to see her go, but i will be even more sad to see him go because it will most likely result in me no longer watching. i hate to admit it, but after nine years i'm stuck in my ways, and without Grissom there is no CSI for me.
you should, however, expect random CSI posts between now and then. and don't be surprised if i ramble on and on or post youtube videos now and then. it will happen. oh yes.

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