Sunday, May 24, 2009

we're all moved in!

we're all moved in, and its starting to look a bit like home... we're making a trip to Ikea next weekend, so i will wait to post pics of most of the rooms until we've gotten the rest of our furniture and rugs etc...

but the sewing room is coming along. i spent a lot of time this weekend making curtains for all over the apartment. i'm still looking for some shelving, and i haven't hung any artwork yet.. but i thought i'd share some "before"s, in the meantime :)

as you can see, i'm at least set up in there enough to get some work done. not that i have a lot of time for work related sewing, when i have so much fun stuff to do around here!!

here are a few sneek peeks of some other rooms we're working on...
the music room/office/homework room:

entryway/sunroom/kitty room/library:



coming soon: living room & kitchen & dining space!


Anonymous said...

Looks great! Congrats!

p.s. I have that exact same lil vintage mirror from ferdinand!!!

do you know who makes them? i don't

Anonymous said...

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Amanda Elizabeth said...

omg it looks FANTASTIC!!! I want to come over and sew with you!!!!