Wednesday, April 29, 2009

new apartment update!

well, we found an apartment and are going on sunday to check it out one last time, sign the lease, and pay our security deposit and pet deposit and 1/2 month's rent (we can start moving may 15th)!! the place is first and second floor (!!!!!), and although its not a giant apartment, its going to be quirky and great -- downstairs: sun room, living room/dining room/kitchen all open together, good sized bathroom. upstairs: two bedrooms and a great hallway for artwork <3 [the sunroom is going to be great, we're thinking it will probably house pat's electric drumkit and our office, and possibly our gigantic ikea bookcase...]

the best thing is that i will get my own sewing room (instead of using half of our living room..haha!). i get the smaller of the two bedrooms (which the previous tenants used as a nursery)... i'm going to try to make the room as girly as possible, while still keeping it modern and funky. here are a few inspiration photos for color and design:

my hope is that we'll be able to fit a futon in the room, so we can have guests.. but i'm not sure how much room will be left when i get all of my stuff in there ;)

here's some other great dec inspiration pics, for fun...

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