Saturday, May 2, 2009

diy weekend + packing...

after a brief trip to home depot for some paint, i am in the process of re-doing some of the pieces that will end up in my new sewing room in a couple of weeks! my sewing table got painted a couple of years ago back in my old apartment, and at the time i loved the color -- but it wasn't going to fit at all into my color scheme, so a couple coats of Glidden's "Sea Fare" #17G 60/218 in satin finish, and its like new!!

also for the sewing room, i had got super cheap from ebay.. some frames for a handful of 8x10 prints i'd gotten from an etsy shop. i didn't like the color of the frames but i loved the style, so they got a new look too! (i'm actually going to spray them with an ultra gloss clear spraypaint after they are dry, to make them extra shiny.)

here is some of the art that will end up in the room, those 8x10s are the ones that will get framed:

i will be sure to get more photos in a couple of weeks once we start moving and i can get the new room all setup! it will be a fun process, i'll be shopping for a new desk chair and possibly a second desk, and some other things for the room at ikea. and i will be making my own curtains and some pillows as well. my mother also has an old lamp and mirror that may get a re-do for the room, too!

but for now, spring is here!


Raea said...

Love the frames too hon! Don't you just love color coordinating?

Danielle said...

hi! some how i happened upon your blog, and saw prints from my shop on your wall! i remember you! :-) please send me some pics of your finished studio, would love to see! :-) my email is: Ok, off to check out your shop.. your quilts are amazing! :-)

Jennifer Ramos said...

Looking so pretty...Cant wait to see pics...Love the color you chose.

Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'