Sunday, February 15, 2009


after having seen my feature on jenn's blog a couple of weeks ago, another customer contacted me this week about making her a set of pillows also. she loved the pink/green combo, so i dug out as many pink/green scraps as i could find. i think they came out really adorable!! and i even remembered to sew in my labels, which i shamefully forget to do most of the time. whoops.

i had promised her they would be done by midweek, so i am happy to have gotten them finished tonight! that means they can head out in the mail first thing tuesday morning! (why is it that i always have so much to mail on the days that the post office is closed?! ;))

and this is what i have on my plate for tonight!


erin d. said...

dear brooke! I love your pillows!!

And I've been looking on craigslist but all of the cool stuff is in portland.

Like this desk that I love

It's not fair. Why can't people in Bangor have good taste and want to get rid of stuff?

brooke @ littlelegwarmers.etsy said...

thats a great desk!!
are there any antique or thrift shops in your area? i swear sometimes i find the best stuff at goodwill...