Saturday, February 21, 2009

dining room inspiration.

right now our apartment doesn't have a formal dining room. our kitchen is very outdated, with old wooden cabinets and a gross linoleum flooring that we try to cover up with area rugs. we have a small table and two chairs that serves as our dining room, but we very rarely eat there. we are guilty of eating on the sofa infront of the tv. :/ while looking for a new apartment this summer, i really want to find one with a dining room. i'm so in love with very modern and clean and simple dining rooms, lots of white (i'd like to incorporate some wooden accents, maybe some clear lucite!, and definitely kelly green for chair cushions, napkins, and vases! (eee!!) i realize white isn't the easiest to keep clean, which is why i would want to keep it to solely the dining room, and not the kitchen or the bedroom, or any room that would get A LOT of use ;)

anyway, here's an assortment of my favorite modern dining room inspiration photos.

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