Saturday, February 21, 2009

bedroom inspiration.

earlier today, i posted about this fabric that i have for making us pillow cases, a bed quilt, pillow shams, and throw pillows.

i'm going to start working on those projects tomorrow.. i'm not sure where i'll start, but i've got to start somewhere!!

i'm going for sort of a bohemian chic style in our bedroom (i've also heard it called "urban hippie"), which right now is pretty mish-mashed. so far i have managed to get turquoise velvet drapes (thankyou, ikea!), a lamp with a mustard/gold velvet lampshade (ikea, again), a velvet wine/magenta throw blanket, and i repainted my bureau an awesome magenta color. i've collected some various artwork pieces from etsy but am waiting on getting frames for them; right now they are mostly strung up with mini clothespins. i know that once i get our pillows and quilt done, the room will feel more pulled together.

i've been collecting a bunch of inspiration photos to remind me of what colors and textures and feelings i'm going for.... a lot of the decor photos i found seemed to incorporate a Moroccan feel, but i don't think we'll be going in that direction exactly. definitely similar but with a more modern approach.

we can't paint our bedroom where we are renting now, and will probably be moving again this summer anyway-- so my goal is to work on the sewing projects, and after we move really work on getting the room pulled together with more lamps and frames for the art, and if the room is big enough i'd love a reading chair.. and rugs. mmm..rugs.... i'll be sure to post pictures of the sewing projects as i go along!


erin d. said...

i love those colors!

I think that is probably a good summary of my personal style. lots of vibrant colors.

brooke @ littlelegwarmers.etsy said...

thanks erin! i love them too.. i like bright colors, but i am going to keep them mostly confined to the bedroom. we're mostly black and white in the living room; almost a glam type look... my sewing room is (eventually going to be) lighter shades of pink, blue, white, etc. more of a shabby chic style... and i want to keep the kitchen really clean and simple, with white and green and yellow.

so, long story short ;) i'm excited to do a more bright room in the bedroom!