Saturday, September 27, 2008

recently, mostly in macro:

(all of these photos will look better if you click on them to make them larger!)

i went on a small shopping spree at Forever21 this morning. i wish i could have fit it all in one photo ;)

(i'm going to wear those earrings with the dress below..)

pat got a new shirt/tie to wear to the wedding next weekend, and i borrowed a dress (that matches!) from a co-worker. i also splurged on an overpriced/oversized gift bag to try to squeeze the quilt into. of course, i had to get the matching gift tag and ribbon as well.

i fell in love all over again with my oldest wristlet that came from old navy of all places.

i have been doing a lot of sewing, trying to finish up some projects.. and i've also been adding to my inspiration wall above my sewing machine.

i dug up some oldies but goodies to listen to today.

wookie found a new favorite toy: a crumpled up piece of paper. he kicked it all around the apartment for an hour. ...also, rockie has taken to stealing lollipops from the kitchen and hiding them around the apartment. she's so cute when she's not causing trouble, though.

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Rae-Rae said...

Is that a poncho in the first pic? gosh, i wish we lived closer and could share a closet. we'd be unstoppable. ;) so glad to see you got lots of cool stuff. that dress you borrowed for the wedding looks pretty. Brett has almost that say exact tie. :)