Saturday, September 27, 2008


now, i admittedly don't watch a ton of tv. i'm mostly a CSI girl, though i do love the discovery channel and TLC. (and i'm into Fringe right now also.)

BUT! rania and i have gotten together to watch Prison Break for four seasons now, though season 1 was a crash course of pretty much every episode all at once just in time to catch up on season 2. its a guilty pleasure of mine. by far not the most well written show on television, but the eye candy keeps me coming back for more every single time.

SWOON. Wentworth Miller is love.
and with the lady doctor? YES PLEASE. season 1 was still my favorite, but this season (4) is coming in a close second so far. i just love the two of them together. i'm such a sucker for forbidden love, its ridiculous. ;)

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