Tuesday, August 12, 2008

custom work.

this is a custom quilt i am working on this week... its a 4 patch design, meaning that it alternates solid squares and blocks made of 4 squares. its a relatively easy design, but i think depending on the fabrics used it can really look interesting. in this case, i've used all batik prints (per request of the customer) in warm tones (with a few cool squares mixed in for fun here and there). i'm hoping the customer is going to like it! i'll be spending this week and all day saturday getting it finished up for her (as close as i can get), she is giving it as a gift :)

once i am done with this project, i can start work on pam's baby quilt! it is all planned out and the piles of fabric are sitting on my desk waiting their turn, patiently! ...and probably at the same time i'm working on hers, i am also going to be doing another custom baby quilt (a 24x24" size) of reds, aquas, and whites. polka dots, stripes, and solids. i have to get to the fabric store this weekend to get supplies for that one.... so many projects!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that you're getting so many custom requests! eee!

This quilt looks really good. I like how you are mixing in different size squares. I'm sure they will love it.

Can' wait to see Pam's quilt!