Thursday, August 21, 2008

pam's custom crib quilt.

i've got a good start on pam's custom crib quilt, which will look somewhat similar to another custom crib quilt i made last month; but slightly different... pam's artwork can be found here and here. i have a few of her scissors thimbles and buttons prints in my sewing area <3 she is a wonderful artist, friend, and mother; so i am super excited to be creating this quilt for her new tiny little baby that is almost ready to be born. boy #3!! i have a good head start but it will be my main project for the next week or so.
i have another baby quilt in the works for another custom order, and also one i am going to start at some point asap to give as a gift-- that one will be a bit bigger and more time consuming. oyy.
but tonight i am spending a little time tidying up around my sewing area and being productive! yay summer nights...

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