Tuesday, August 26, 2008


so, its only tuesday, but i already have this feeling like friday will never get here this week... its just been one of THOSE work weeks so far, and i'm overloaded with sewing projects to get done in a timely fashion (which i love, don't get me wrong, it can just be a little overwhelming sometimes), my bedroom is a disaster and i have no idea when i'll get to clean it, the laundry is piling up, pat's working a double this weekend (which means saturday he works 2pm-6am, and then goes in sunday 2pm-11pm!)...

so i've done a few things. ....i've ordered some new fabric and taken on one more custom baby quilt order. i cannot wait to get these fabric goodies in the mail this week, its going to make coming home at 7pm much much better... i've made an appointment for saturday morning at 9am (since pat will need to get good sleep until he goes in to work) at a spa/salon for a hair cut and a pedicure. <--- not something i normally do to treat myself, but i need a haircut so badly, and i've never had a pedi (my feet are so nasty from being on them ALL DAY). and i just have to remember that the following weekend we are going on our overnight trip to rockport. all will be well. but seriously, i'm exhausted.

but! more on my hair... most people want to add volume to their hair, and i need to do the opposite. it needs to be razored out so badly. i'm not even sure how long it is in places because its just too thick to wear without pinning it aside. its got so shape! (this comes from months and months and months of not going to a salon for a proper cut, and hacking it off the bottom in the back by myself to avoid a mullet...ugh.) so, i think this is sort of what i'm going for:

nothing drastic and not too short (pat doesn't like it when i cut it too short. he thinks i'm prettier with longer hair.), just a good cut. now i'm hoping the stylist who is doing my hair will be hip and cool and funky enough to give me a good cut like i want! i don't mind flat ironing it every day if i have to (plus, that would give me an awesome excuse to get a new flat iron like i've been wanting to do for about a year ;)).

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Raea said...

New flat iron? I like the way you think! :) Those pix are great examples of cute razor cut for you, btw. Sort of what you had done in the b&w photo on your myspace. Super cute. Wish I could join you for a pedi! Have lots of fun! xo