Thursday, September 11, 2008

new projects.

i am in the process of working on a few new projects that will take me into the winter, and a few smaller projects. i tend to whip up smaller projects on a whim, when i have a free night or two and inspiration hits (and trust me, after a long day in the OR it is a lot less frequently than before..)! these pictures were actually taken before the blocks got sewn to each other and the entire quilt completed and top stitched-- that all happened the night after i took the photos. but these give you a good idea, at least:
[click to see them bigger]

(i have no idea why i could not get them to load un-sideways!)

i had been very frustrated creatively recently, not for any lack of inspiration or ideas; just so very frustrated for a few reasons. it was satisfying to make something on a whim that i actually felt proud of. i have some others in the works that will be similar style wise, its good to take it and run with it while you can.

i am still working on the quilt we're giving as a wedding gift next month-- i have 5 of the 20 or so rows completed. i'll be working more on that this coming weekend, my ultimate goal to get the entire top pieced so that only the borders, backing, and corner ties will be left (no, i'm not going to top stitch it just for the sake of time saving... i've actually found the ties to hold up really well!).

tonight i sat down to pay some bills; i still have $130 of sales to clear to my bank from paypal, which is a good thing. that will buy me those new work shoes i need! i also have finally paid off another credit card bill, this time it was $500. it feels good to be done with it, it had a ridiculously high interest rate. good riddance! and congratulations to me being one small step closer to being debt free!

in other news: i'm working 12 hours tomorrow, so its time to take a shower and crawl in bed to read and fall asleep early (i hope!). i'm treating myself to a massage after work tomorrow night, which i think is a great way to end a busy work week and start the weekend off right! <3

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Raea said...

Good for you, B. Paying off debt feels sooo good! Now you can indulge your wishlist a bit! :) Love the new quilt!