Saturday, November 8, 2008


oyy! i haven't had very much time to post recently.... things have been so busy, and i haven't even had time to sit down and sew in over a week! i still have a few projects lined up, including a custom order for a dear friend, but the weekends are swamped. when we're not busy doing something, i am exhausted and literally veg out infront of the tv. my work weeks is so busy that i can't bring myself to do my other work in the evenings. but, my shop is all full, at least for now, so i'm not as worried as i was before. i have to remember its okay to not be busy every second of every day, and taking time to relax a bit is important!

the election was so exciting last week! pat and i went to vote together and got our "i voted" stickers, and then stayed up all night watching the coverage on tv. i was so happy with the outcome, and almost everyone i know was as well. yes we can.

i'm on the third of the fourth Twilight book, and loving the series so much. plus, the covers of the books are just gorgeous. i love a book that has a beautiful cover as well as a good story!

speaking of, i love the new penguin classics collection:

i'm going to have to look into getting some of those at some point. not that we have any room for any more books in this apartment!! our three bookcases are already overflowing....

something else i love right now, is the new Paramore song "decode" from the Twilight movie..can't wait to go see it when it comes out in a couple of weeks!

i promise to do a big home dec inspiration post ASAP. but for now, its back to the tv ;)

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teh bobbi said...

i would like to hear your opinion on the fourth book.