Saturday, December 6, 2008

holiday spirit.

(please click on each photo to see it larger!)

i have been trying desperately to get into the holiday spirit this week! it seems it gets more and more difficult every year, with lack of funds, lack of room for a christmas tree (omg, i love christmas trees SO MUCH), and lack of time. but! i think we're off to a good start! the thing that i love, is even with our families faults, we seem to truly enjoy getting together at christmas; i'm really looking forward to it, even though christmas eve night i will be coming fresh from an 8hour shift in the OR and will probably just barely make it in time for dinner...

like i mentioned, we don't have the space for a christmas tree in this apartment. we really don't have any space for decorations, so for the first time in my years out of my parents' house, i will not be putting up any holiday decorations. hopefully this time next year we will have more room! so, since we can't have a tree, i found the most fabulous room spray for this time of year:

it works perfectly for that christmas tree smell!!

i spent a good hunk of time this afternoon wrapping all of the gifts i have accumulated thus far. i'm still waiting on a couple of things that i ordered, and i have one more gift to make, and one more to shop for. but, i'm nearly done, with the except of stocking treats.

i wish that i could have done all completely handmade gifts for everyone on my list this year, but unfortunately it just wasn't possible. i am lucky, however, that i am not completely broke like in years past, and was able to purchase just what everyone asked for! i absolutely love gift giving.

one of my favorite things about the holidays are the holiday catalogs/magazines! ack!

we've been trying to keep the heat turned down as low as possible still so far this "winter" (<-- no snow yet!), so we've been using our little tiny space heater and lots of blankets when just loafing around the apartment. the two kitties have really been enjoying this!

last night, pat and i went to the annual holiday art extravaganza sale at Sanctuary Tattoo & Art Gallery here in portland, where they have art of all kinds from local artists. i had submitted two small quilts this year, and one a couple of years ago... it was nice to stay for a little while, and see some great art and some great friends.
here we are just before we went out:

and here are some photos from the event:

a big special thankyou to everyone who has purchased quilts from my etsy shop recently!! after the holidays i will be donating a few more items from seasons previous to the Ronald McDonald House, and anxiously planning new items for spring! i have some really wonderful fabrics i have been stashing away, some new patterns to work with, and some really fabulous ideas. i can't wait to get started!!! of course i will be posting here with all kinds up updates and sneek peeks as i go along!


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