Friday, December 26, 2008


our christmas with both families was really great this year, though we were completely exhausted by the end of it! i didn't really end up taking as many photos as i'd hoped to, or as many as i normally do... but i did get a few:

(that's my dad with my parents' dog in her antlers. hehe!)

we gave and received so many great gifts and ate so soooo much food. pat and i had such a fun time opening gifts from each other late christmas eve night.. he gave me a coach wristlet in fabulous plum color, the domino book, the fourth twilight book, the brand new paramore cd/dvd set, an awesome mirror that we hung over our bed, a pottery barn gift card, and some fabulous girly toiletry stuff... my brother got me an ikea gift card(!!!), which will come in handy when we take a trip down there in a couple weeks... my parents got us some great new bath towels, bed sheets, and the 8th season of CSI (yes, we now have all 8). ...we both got gift cards galore, and can't wait to go shopping ;)

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