Sunday, December 14, 2008

hurray! and whoops!

i managed to pick up a decent assortment of new fabric this weekend, still waiting for a couple of things i ordered online to get here. while my boyfriend and his mother made homemade cheesecake in the kitchen, i started working on a mini quilt. hurray!

i like how it came out, with a couple exceptions. my border is a bit crooked in one spot, and my binding was completely wrong. ha! my first attempt at a traditional binding (instead of a wraparound from the back, which i sometimes do...), and i messed it up. go figure ;) my binding only ended up on the backside of my mini quilt, instead of also wrapping around to the front and back. whoops! it looks interesting on the back now, with a stripe tucked over towards the side, as well. the good thing about handmade creations, though, is that nothing is "wrong", it just gives it character!!

overall, though, i am happy with my little project, which measures 17x20". i completely top stitched the entire thing in mustard yellow thread, to match the mustard fabrics i used, so it shows up nicely on the contrasting magenta fabrics. here are some pictures, of my first attempt, or as pat calls it, "my prototype" for winter/spring '09.

[click 'em to make 'em bigger!]

now knowing what i need to do differently and better, i am totally ready to start whipping up some new items for my new collection!! these little quilts can be used as wall hangings, tiny baby quilts, or doll quilts, and table mats! of course i will also be doing some larger quilts, as i had been doing before. (also in the planning stages: sewn birdie mobiles with real branches! this will take my sewing skills paired with my boyfriend's engineering/physics skills ;))

what do you think?


Amanda Elizabeth said...

that looks super cute!!!! I love the color combo!

p said...

this is really lovely brooke...