Tuesday, December 30, 2008


pat and i spent all day sunday rearranging our living room! we've been in this apartment for six months, but our living room has mostly stayed the same. now we have our Expedit shelf from ikea as a room divider, instead of pushed up against the wall. on one side is our "living room" and on the back side is the "sewing room" and the "drums". haha..... i love the new ottoman we got at target this weekend, and we'll be going to ikea next week to get some things like a rug for inbetween the tv and sofa.... (as well as things for the kitchen and the bedroom!)...

i now have a big sewing wall to decorate, and have some really awesome art picked out on etsy to purchase later in the month :)

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Alice said...

such a lovely interior. very jelous:)