Friday, December 12, 2008


so i'm sacked out on the sofa with a sore throat, half asleep, on a friday night; having just loved my way through a five hour CSI marathon on spiketv... and scouring the internet for craft room inspiration. if all goes well (crosses fingers) and pat & i end up in a(n affordable) 2 bedroom apartment come june, i will get my own sewing room (if the room is large enough, it will probably end up sewing room /slash/ drum room /slash/ guest bedroom...). currently my sewing "studio" is taking up an entire half of our already small living room in our 1 bedroom apartment. we don't have much room to move around in here, and when i've got the ironing board set up and batting for quilts laid out, forget about it. so, i am constantly dreaming about the room i'll have someday (hopefully sooner rather than later!).... these photo are my total absolute ideal dream rooms.

here is what my space looks like as of a couple weekends ago.. i had just gotten some awesome containers to keep all of my fabric in. it seems i tend to bounce back and forth from having it all folded up on bookcases to folded up in containers. sometimes i love the feeling of it all out in front of me, and other times i like it all tucked away safe. right now, for the sake of space, its all tucked away but still somewhat visible. i have it organized by color, of course, because that makes it easier to find whatever i'm looking for. solids are in their own container. i also have two containers on top of my table that holds my current (or near future) projects. under the table is my big tub of already made items, which recently has been nearly cleaned out by all of my etsy sales. those stacked containers of fabric are a bit larger than they looked, all stacked up like that they are about four feet high! the fabric inside of them is stacked two deep, so they have twice as much in them as what you can actually see from the front-- and they are literally sitting right behind my chair (to the right of my table). the good thing is that the table has leaves that fold out, so i can make it larger when i need to, but can keep it compact most of the time. you know, since we have no space...

once i have more space to spread out, i can invest in a new sewing machine or two. i'd love to get a new computerized machine. and also a serger, eventually. i could possibly have more than one desk! i could have shelves! and a window!! so many things you take forgranted until you don't have room for them.... i know i can't think about spreading out too much, since the chances of ending up with a big room are pretty slim, but a girl can dream. because you never know. ;)

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