Tuesday, December 16, 2008


[this] is the type of apartment i hope we can find for june. the price is good with utilities, they allow pets, there are hardwood floors, and two bedrooms! gahhh. sometimes when i think about having a larger place, i think about how it would actually feel like a real home and i get really emotional about it. this apartment is okay since we aren't here very much together; but i love the idea of having a really wonderful (bigger) apartment that we could rent longterm and not want to leave. thats how i felt in my last apartment, even though i had to give it up after a few years, but if pat and i hadn't decided to move in together i probably would have been there for years and years. home is what you make it, so i'm happy here until june (or after, until we find a place...), but only because i don't have a choice! ;)

here's some decor inspiration for the week...

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