Thursday, January 8, 2009


i am not generally a very girly girl. i do like makeup and the usual things like clothes and pillowcases and candles. but my style isn't overly girly, i'm not normally into pink, or ruffles, or sparkles. but one thing i am very much into recently is CUPCAKES!! the pinker the frosting and the more sprinkles, the better!!

thus, i have made the big decision, that once i can decorate my sewing space, the theme will be cupcakes. they make me happy. they make me smile. and they make me hungry. which are all good things. something about them, just seems to work for me as far as my sewing space goes-- it is the one area of the house that i am allowed to step out of my usual box, anything goes.

since my space right now is overrun with fabric and quilts in process strung across the wall, it isn't necessarily the best time to try to decorate. plus, that wall is made of plaster and is terrible for trying to hang frames. i am going to just start collecting, and see what happens. i may make several strings of clothespins for hanging art, if all goes well. i'm going to attempt to do this without it looking too kid-ish, since i'm almost 29 ;) but i think once i can get the new sewing table i want, and a new chair, and keep the furniture modern it will work alright. (plus, its okay to be a little kid-ish, right???!!)

check out my etsy favorites to see what i'm thinking (among other things i love):
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if you click just above here, where it says "littlelegwarmers" you can see my full favorites list, more than what is shown here. you'll notice a few art prints i'm thinking about for the bedroom... as well as the usual anatomical and weird stuff i love ;)

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