Saturday, January 10, 2009

project #2 for today: sewing "room" redo

well, when we moved the living room around, we sort of just tossed my sewing area back together on the other side of the room. after spending a week trying to sew, and realizing that the space wasn't efficient or pretty, i decided today was a good day to fix it. eventually when we move and i hopefully have an even larger space to work with, i'll do more with the walls and add a cool lounge-ing chair, and buy a new work station table and chair. but for now, this will have to do. i organized EVERYTHING today, dug out some little bowls to hold small things like buttons and trims, and purchased a neato birdcage (and bird) to hold my ribbon spools. (pat won't stop making fun of me for buying the birdcage!) i moved the hanging lamp from the bedroom that we never used in there, and now i have sufficient lighting, which was a problem before.. i can't wait to get a new table, the one i'm using is an old dining room table that is my mom's that she won't let me paint because she eventually wants it back (good reason! ;))-- the only good thing about it is that it has leaves that fold up and down if i need them or want to tuck it away quietly. you can see the 2nd half of a quilt i'm in the midst of, ontop of it (the 1st half is hanging on the wall to the right...).

okay, onto the photos....
[click each photo to see it larger]

here's the before:

and here's the now:


Rae-Rae said...

Oh whatever--that birdcage is AMAZING! :)

Jennifer Ramos said...

Brooke, I didn't know you had a blog, sorry I missed it.
Anyhow cute pics on here...and I like how you post about your sewing room etc.
People love to see those type of posts....btw I also have that MAKE MINE BARACK next to my desk area... : )

P.S. Will link you up to my blog too. Thanks!

Jen Ramos
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