Sunday, February 1, 2009

goodbye, weekend.

the weekends seem to fly by around here..
i did manage to get a bit of sewing done, but not as much as i'd hoped.

i'm in bed right now with the laptop and some gatorade. earlier this evening i noticed a scratchy throat, which has now turned all hoarse on me. so, we'll see how monday goes. oyyy.

plans for this week include: a potential girlfriend get together tomorrow night, continued sewing, a free from a friend vintage teacher's desk (sort of looks like this one), and more trip planning. oh, did i mention P and i are planning a tropical island vacation (or cruise?) for december? yayyy. *i bought a little notebook and new pens today at target with which to take notes on different places/hotels. i am such a nerd.*

oh, and i now have an ad up for the month of february over at jennifer/madebygirl's blog. be sure to check out her page, as well as the new items up in my shop! you'll probably notice i have some new banners at the shop, and here as well.

okay, this sore throat and i are thinking about some shut eye. hope your weekend was lovely!!

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