Wednesday, March 25, 2009


i'm so excited! i just purchased an original from danny britto's brand new etsy shop! i followed him on livejournal, and now to his blogspot and etsy shop. and i LOVE it. its a tiny original painting on wood, and i can't wait to put it in the living room of our new apartment (when the time comes). owning original artwork is such a passion of mine with such artful and amazingly talented friends (photography, sculpture, painting...), so it makes me happy to add this piece to the collection (even alongside the warhols and lichtensteins).

i also recently acquired a large piece of art for the mantle and am hoping hoping HOPING that when we move we'll have a large enough wall or mantle to put it on, because its BAD ASS. it is also on wood, and so big -- its almost 3'x3'! LOVE. my boyfriend really likes it as well. i think its going to give our artwork that sort of urban feel i was looking for (living in the city, and all), to mesh with our real pop art. mmm...NYC <3

i'm so excited for finding the perfect new apartment and knowing that our new living room is going to be so artful and funky and fun and comfortable and colorful. and i can't wait! (even the boyfriend is excited, and is doing his part by making 3' tall speakers for our entertainment center from scratch --inside and outside!) we've all got our things ;) i'm still waiting for some fabric i ordered from thailand to arrive, so that i can cover a couple of throw pillows, too!


Raea said...

Um, that original print is so YOU AND ME BEING PIRATES! eeeee!! <3 the Roy Lichtenstein big time. :)

Raea said...

...minus the boy being a boy and having chest hair. ;)

About Me said...

Completely off topic... but,

I'm having a terrific Heather Ross fabric giveaway on my new blog... I featuring her OOP line... Lightning Bugs... Hope you can stop by! :)