Friday, March 6, 2009

happy weekend!

i am loving this apartment that is for rent, as well as this one. ...just a couple more months til we can start looking for a new place of our own!

in the meantime, here are a couple of other things that i love:

(this one has the exact colors i am using in our bedroom...)

AND, its almost time to shop for a new bathing suit!
(wishful thinking..)

have a wonderful weekend everyone! i am working in the OR just a half day tomorrow, and then have plans to work on sewing projects for the rest of the weekend... i'll be sure to update once i make some progress! xo


s.jane said...

I miss Portland apartments! Adam and I have a super cute house here, so I can't complain, but everything here is so much newer.

Raea said...

I can't believe you can get a 2 bedroom in Portland for a grand a month. *sigh* Boston is so expensive!

I hope you find a place that you can paint! I didn't think I'd mind white walls, but it's is rather sterile. I'll pick the decor part of your brain when you're here in April. :)

Can't wait to go apt hunting with you!