Sunday, March 8, 2009

here's what we did instead:

so, this was supposed to be a somewhat easy project. we figured, how hard could it be to re-upholster our living room chair? initially we had wanted to just use the staple gun... until we found out there wasn't anything inside the chair to staple the fabric into (the faux leather certainly wasn't going to hold it..).

SOOOO... i ended up sewing the covers for the two large cushions, and we lucked out with the arms-- they had wood inside the edges so we got to staple those! but DAMN. the project overall took us about five hours from start to finish. we had to take apart the chair completely, and that large of a pile of nuts and bolts scares me to no end.. but luckily pat was there to do that part and put it all back together. i just had to work with the fabric. he did help measure and cut, though. by the end of it, i had a small mental breakdown, but i love the end result.

the chair was one pat had in his old apartment, and i had hated the faux leather and wanted something more modern looking to go with our black and white decor in here. we'd wanted to get a new chair next time we went to ikea, but we just saved ourselves some money since the fabric only cost me about twenty bucks on etsy! i'll be so excited when we get into a new apartment and have a great "new" chair to use! and i have just enough leftover to cover a pillow or two for our sofa (which is a whole other story and i can't wait to get something to replace our hideous brown plaid ;))!

anyway, onto the photos. they will tell the story better than i can. unfortunately, i didn't get any pictures of when i was freaking out, or when i stapled the fabric onto the arms completely backwards and had to re-do it. too bad ;) [pardon the terrible photos with the awful flash. click on each one to see it larger.]

and for reference, here is what the chair looked like before:

and here's the rest of our living room (these were taken before i re-did the mantle):


erin d. said...

I LOVE the chair. I think I may need to try this out on a chair I have in my living room.

Heather said...

I LOVES the Black and White Chair!!! You can seriously pull some shiz off! Looks great! :)


Raea said...

That pix of Pat cracks me up every time!