Sunday, April 5, 2009


LOVE this place!!

i have a short work week ahead of me, since i am leaving for boston bright and early on friday morning (coming back easter sunday) -- i won't have much time to do any apartment/moving planning/organizing/cleaning, because i have a custom baby quilt due at the end of the weekend! i got it cut out today. my goal is to get the rows sewn tomorrow night after work, get the whole top sewn tuesday night, get the top quilting/stitching (with batting/backing attached) on wednesday night, so all i will have to do is get the binding on thursday night (and then pack!)... admitedly, i should have done a bit more work on it this weekend, but it was just too nice outside. i LOVE that i've got a 4day work week instead of 5, as it will be a nice and much needed break. can't wait to get down to visit raea and have our girl time! plus, when i get back, we'll be another week closer towards moving!

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