Saturday, June 13, 2009


so even though my current stack of work looks something like this:
--1 custom quilt (cut out only)
--3 small/crib quilts (top sewn) that need borders, backing, binding for the shop
--1 flying geese quilt (top only 1/4-1/2 sewn) for the shop
--1 log cabin quilt (in the process of making the blocks) for the shop
aaaaand i'm trying (not as hard as i should be, obviously) to beef up the stock in my shop for the summer...

i still sat down this afternoon and started paper piecing some hexagons for a grandmother's flower garden quilt (for the shop). its going to be a lot of work since its almost completely hand sewn, but i had the itch to start the hex's and see how quickly (or not) i could do them. i am using a Swell charm pack (by Moda) for some of the hex's, and once i get those finished i'll just have to see where i need to go from there (30's repro?).

i'm the queen bee procrastinator, unless i have a super new project i can't wait to try. its just like when i was in college-- dying my hair was way more fun than writing papers! papers waited until the night before they were due! ;) that being said, no more hex's for tonight, and if i do any more sewing (we're supposed to be going out to the movies in a couple of hours..), then i'll be working on my custom order. and after that i'll be working on either my log cabin or my flying geese. the hex's...well....i'll just have to work on them while i'm watching tv or something.

because i'm kind of addicted.


Rae-Rae said...

Omg, those hex's are gonna take FOREVER but it will be so WORTH it. Good luck love!

Sara said...

your blog is so lovely! i love your home i found you threw wynken on lj