Saturday, June 20, 2009


well, we made the trek up about 45 minutes in the half-sun half-rain morning to go to the slummy surplus store that for some reason carries discounted fabrics (of my dreams! seriously!). i only make the trip up every six months or so, but its always worth it (if you can ignore your surroundings and focus on the search at hand). last time we went, i scored 6+ yards of denyse schmidt's flea market fancy sprouts in yellow (you can see a bit of it in my blog banner!), which is extremely hard to find since it is out of print, and can be very very expensive (i won't tell you what i paid, but it runs $20+ a yard on ebay, and i paid under $5 a yard!). i had wanted to buy the entire bolt but didn't want to go too crazy since i had some other things to buy. today we went up with the sole purpose of finding more, and i got THE LAST TWO YARDS. omg. i also got some other goodies, mostly to use as quilt backings. but i got about 20 yards of fabric for under $60!! regularly priced, it would have run me probably close to $200!

so, now that i've gotten a good bargain this weekend, i'm ready to lock myself in my sewing room tomorrow and work on some projects!!! first on the list, my custom order. second on the list, topstitching a quilt for the shop!


Brooke Ahana said...

nothing beat a good bargain - your blog is adorable.

Raea said...

Scoooore! That's awesome hon! <3