Sunday, August 2, 2009


i very rarely write such personal entries as this, but i find its nice to share from time to time things that may be related to my sewing business, or just life in general. you never know who may be going through something very similar or who may have some great advice or opinions! please please feel free to share!

as the summer is dwindling on and is more than half over (i can't believe it! we've barely had a summer this year as far as weather goes..), i find myself getting ready to make my goals for the upcoming year. my boyfriend starts his school year in about a month, he's in the process of getting his second bachelor's degree (has one in biology) in engineering); i've been graduated from college for almost five years now (my original degree in sociology). we both work full time at the hospital, and although our jobs are getting us by, neither of us completely enjoy what we're doing, and hope to move up to bigger and better things.... and we're both trying to get on our paths for the future (which will hopefully include buying a house).

some of my goals for the next year include:

* continuing to work on paying down my credit card debt (which i had racked up living on my own for the first three+ years) - i have a tendancy to do really well and pay off a bunch, and then slip back and add to it. i've since cut up all but two of my cards, and have a running tally of what i owe where. it can be frustrating not having large lump sums to put towards paying each bill at a time, and resorting most times to paying only the minimum monthly balance.

* i have recently decided to open a destash fabric shop on etsy to try to sell though some of the fabric i have stashed in my studio that i may not want to use as readily. a great way to make space, and a little money! i have always liked to share fabrics with friends and others who may love to sew as much as i do. it has given me an oppurtunity tmae room for some fabrics i've been looking to collect, and also to put some money into my savings a tiny bit at a time (it all adds up). in conjunction with this, i have decided to do my best not to buy any more fabric, unless absolutely necessary (batting, backing fabrics, and sashing fabrics are not included in this, as i tend to need more of those with each project!) - i have a great stash of fabrics, and plenty to work with for the time being!

* i have a big goal to actually try to sew more! a couple of years ago, when i was working retail, my schedule was a bit more condusive to having my second job of sewing. now that i work a regular 9-5, i find when i get home from the OR i am often times completely unmotivated to sew and really just want to put my feet up on the sofa infront of HGTV or Food Network ;), my goal, starting this week, is to schedule myself for a couple hours at least a couple of nights a week up in my studio. after the last holidays, my shop was dramatically (and happily) depleated of quilts. sooooo, i need to bulk back up! i have a tendancy to start a bunch of projects and never finish them -- so i'm going to start with some of those unfinished projects and get them up on etsy. then, i have a whole bunch of projects i am dying to start! and as usual, i'll keep things updated here with works in progress and finished items!

* my biggest goal is to hopefully go back to school next fall. i'm not ready for this school year, as i still have some planning to do and funds to find ;) but i am hoping for an online bachelor's program (that will make two of us with two degrees each!) in interior design. i have had a love of interior design since i was a teenager -- i always used to rearrange my bedroom much to my mom's chagrin, and my college dorm rooms were always way more organized and coordinated and decorated than my friends' rooms. i have had so much fun living in apartments being able to design my spaces, and most of the time on a very limited budget. most importantly, if i cannot be fully supported by my sewing, i need to have a job where i am happy and doing something i love. i enjoy my hospital job, and the medical field is a very stable one to be in, so clearly i will not be leaving my job any time soon; but i am excited at the prospect of being able to study interior design -- i would love to be able to run my own business or have a business with others -- where i can incorporate my love of color, space, design, furniture, and creativity. it will be interesting trying to take those steps towards fulfilling this goal!

i have a lot of work ahead of me, and i am really looking forward to be able to look back at progress (on all of these things!).


s.jane said...

Oh my gosh, Brooke, interior design would be so perfect for you! I have always admired how you make the spaces you live in look so nice and cozy.

I've been trying to figure out my goals and so much other stuff lately as well and it's hard!

Susan (thesetiredeyes from livejournal) said...

I too have a degree in Sociology and want something a bit more artistic. I have considered interior design, architecture, landscape architecture and so on. Good luck! Based on what I have seen of your new apartment, I think ID is a great fit.

PS. My mom STILL makes fun of me for how often I used to rearrange my room.