Saturday, October 10, 2009

jennifer over @ madebygirl posted about our apartment this week :) you'll get to see the photos that my amazingly talented friend jessica weiser took for me. eventually i will be putting up a whole slew of them (that didn't make it into jenn's blog) into a website for my home decorating business - my schooling is going really well so far and i'm enjoying it so much! the program is challenging but also interesting. (i tend to blog more about that over at my personal blog. follow me there, too, if you'd like!)

i'll be spending my free time this weekend working on two custom orders. they've both been cut out and i'm in the beginning stages of the sewing parts of each. one will probably come along faster than the other, so that is the one i'm focusing most on this weekend.

the top blue fabrics are for a baby who has yet to be born. i'll be doing a 9-patch quilt with two matching pillows. the bottom car/truck fabrics are for a little boy who is four and loves anything with an engine! (that is the one i'll be working on mostly this weekend.)

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Courtney said...

I saw your home over at Madebygirl. It's beautiful! As are your quilts. You're so talented! Enjoy your weekend.