Sunday, September 27, 2009

snowball quilt;

i tried a new pattern today, and it was much easier than i expected! i actually made the blocks smaller than the pattern called for, so it was a little different, but it still came out well. i used fabrics from the "figgy pudding" line, can't believe its almost time for holiday decorations! (well, kind of ;))

you can see the finished product with info etc, in the shop!

i definitely want to make a larger quilt using this pattern (and the larger 8" blocks that the pattern called for) for myself at some point - maybe one with all of my flea market fancy fabrics, and another one using my heather ross/munki fabrics!


Krystal Marie Scott said...

I saw your apartment on Made by Girl and I was wondering what color blue and what brand did you use in your bedroom?...It looks a lot like Carrie's new apartment in the Sex and the City movie!

brooke @ littlelegwarmers.etsy said...

Hi Krystal! The color is a Ralph Lauren paint color - Tulum Blue
RL Number: IB88 ...It is actually much brighter in person, but I love it!

lolly-jolly said...

you make a reaally pretty stuff! love your art! and btw your apartment is lovely:) i love that blue color of the walls:)

towels said...

I love your work!

It is very different and unique