Monday, August 18, 2008


so, someday i will have an awesome sewing room all to myself. (**click on the photo to see it larger, and drool!) and i know i keep saying that, but honestly i really need it.... you should have seen me all sprawled out across the living room floor tonight. it was awful. i have to vacuum every time i want to lay fabric on the floor. omg, can you imagine if i had wood floors or tile? soooo much easier, sweeep! or better yet, one of those huuuge desks like in the photo! ...i just don't have enough space. plus theres tons of clean laundry on the edges of the living room just waiting to be put away. gahhh.
the good news is that i am about 95% done with the custom quilt i've been working on (the batiks i posted last week), and i got a head start on pam's baby quilt tonight! i have one more on the back burner after hers, which should not take me long to make at all, and then i am making one for a gift. oh lordy, so much sewing. and i love it. now, if only i had more space..... ;)

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