Sunday, August 17, 2008


i just called to book our overnight vacation for sept 6th! we didn't splurge for the jacuzzi room, which was an extra one hundred dollars and come to find out it doesn't include any meals. so we got a regular ocean view room with a queen bed, and the 'coastal break' package which includes dinner and breakfast. so, no jacuzzi room, but i am sure we will find other ways to relax (ie: walking around the grounds, watching tv, sleeeeeeping...).

scroll down a few posts to see pictures of the hotel if you missed it before :) yay. an overnight vacation in a few weeks! i'm super excited. we really need a small relaxing getaway. and i love that our meals are covered, that is one less thing to worry about in a place we've never been before (i always stress about where to eat whenever we go anywhere..). packing will be a breeze since its just one night, but its a pretty swanky place, so we'll have to pack our nice clothes ;) and you KNOW i'm going to get a ton of pictures.

oh, and i ordered pat's birthday presents today. and one is a total surprise! :) sshhh...


Sarah Donlin said...

Have fun at the Samo, Brooke! I worked their for bit when I was saving money for grad school. Try to get a table on the edge of the deck at the Breakwater Cafe. Beautiful views! :)

Raea said...

Bummer on the jacuzzi, but you guys will still have a blast. :)