Saturday, August 30, 2008


i spent this morning getting a haircut (i wish she could do my hair for me every day. it looked so fabulous until i went outside into the breeze ;).. she actually didn't take off any length, just razored the daylights out of it to give it some shape) and a pedicure (SOOOO NICE), walking across town to the small/awesome fabric store (which was fabulous), sitting in our little backyard alcove with a book in the sunshine... and am hunkering down for a (fleeting) summer night of sewing (while pat works an overnight double. boooo.)

this is what i'm reading right now... i just started it the other night. i have read another book that was similar and loved it, so i'm excited/nerdy.
oh, and i got new glasses! they are simple black dolce & gabanna, and are only half frames which i found i really like!


teh bobbi said...

1. where do you get your haircut?
2. that book looks amazing and i want to read it.

Raea said...

Cute cut! Sounds like you had a really nice day.

I know, summer is going so fast. :(

If you ever want a deal of designer glasses, let me know. My dad is an optician and gives my friends ridiculous deals. I got a pair of Gucci's and Marc Jacobs sunglasses from him and I just looove them!