Saturday, August 30, 2008

gift in progress.

this quilt is a project i'm excited about, because it will actually be given as a gift (which doesn't get to happen very often since most of my sewing is for custom orders or for my shop!)... pat and i are going to a wedding this fall and have decided since they are not registered anywhere that we could find, this would be the best gift.

it will be a four patch design, using 4- 3" squares to form each block. they are being arranged and sewn randomly to make it more fun.

(click the photos to make them a bit larger...)
these are for the larger blocks:

these are for the smaller four patches:

...which i'd already started chain stitching two by two:

i have less than a month to get this finished, but luckily it is next in line and should go together pretty quickly. i've made other four patch quilts, which can be seen here and here. its a very easy design, but can be very interesting depending on which fabrics you use! they always look different.

i've finished the four patches, and gotten it all laid out. first i place the larger squares and fill in the empty spots with four patches that look good. since they were all sewn randomly, they are all different.

(click to see bigger!)

i had to use my flash for the photos so the colors aren't exactly true... but i wanted to stay with mostly neutral tones of light brown, cream, aqua, yellow, and green. (their wedding invitations were a cream with sage green, really beautiful.) i am planning on doing a thin light brown/cream damask border edged with a thicker solid (sage/light) green border, and backing it with a solid aqua or green. ...i tried to keep most of the fabrics modern, since they are a young couple like us, but throw in a few more tradtional prints here and there to make it interesting. it may seem random, but honestly in person it looks actually very pretty.

now the hard part: getting it all sewn together ;)

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Raea said...

Jesus...that one it going to be a lot of work. Looks beautiful so far. I think the cream and sage edging will look really pretty. Good luck hon!