Sunday, August 31, 2008

sleepy sunday morning.

sometimes its nice to not do anything, including getting out of bed, until noontime on sunny breezy sunday mornings... both cats are napping in the kitchen windows, pat is still asleep, and i just got myself up (i start to feel guilty after a while ;)).. my favorite thing to do on sunday mornings is browse through the real estate section of craigslist, and dream of the house i may have some day. pat and i have both voiced that we'd like to someday move out of the city, possibly to a nice suburb-y area. it would save us a lot of money, and we could have a yard and bigger place. this is far off into the future, however; it will be another year almost until we can move to a bigger apartment (our lease will be up in june) -- baby steps.

i watched HGTV for hours last night while sewing, i love the decorating shows so much. i'm so envious of the large space, the painted walls, the modern furniture. we have nice things here, and everything fits, its just small. the building itself is so old that its musty when the windows are closed. i long for larger windows and a second bedroom. a new dining room set. new kitchen curtains!

i have a few ideas of things we can do here, but our living room is so small and our furniture so large that we really can't move anything around. and its frustrating! because those design shows give me so many ideas!!!

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Rae-Rae said...

I do the same damn thing with craiglist. Brett and I were talking about moving into the city recently but a quick breeze-through of craigslist proved that we can't afford it right now. *Sigh* C'est la vie...

I feel your pain with the small apt. We should team up and write a home decor book. Then we an split the profits and get bigger apts! ;)