Saturday, August 9, 2008

this weekend.

today a good friend of mine from down in MA is coming up to visit...

i'm so happy that its not raining (right now at least). we've had weeks of rain, this summer has been such a bust! ...but it will be good to see Raea and hang out and we're going to make homemade pizzas and be girly.

tomorrow i have to buckle down and start working on a batik quilt for a custom order. the fabrics are beautiful, all warm tones.. i will post pictures once i make some progress. i think its going to be really gorgeous when its done! i'm doing a simple 4-patch design, but with all of the colors/patterns, i think it will work nicely.

i sat down last night and mapped out a bunch of new sewing projects so that i can start to fill up my shop again! working until after 7pm every night, its tough to get motivated to sew when i come that leaves weekends. and who wants to stay inside on a nice day like today! ;)


teh bobbi said...

I love that picture of the clouds!!! so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Wheeeee! I feel so honored to be part of your new blog! ;)
xo Raea